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Civil Status Division
Civil Status Division>Registration>Marriage of a foreigner to a citizen of Mauritius

Marriage of a foreigner to a citizen of Mauritius

Marriage of a non-citizen to a citizen of  Mauritius

- The non-citizen should have resided in Mauritius for a continuous period of at least 7 days before publication.
- The  publication  of  a  proposed civil  marriage between a non-citizen  and  a citizen of Mauritius is  made only at the Central Civil Status Office in Port Louis.
-The civil marriage  shall  take  place at the Central Civil Status Office after a period of 10 days as from the date of publication.

Two witnesses are required to be present at time of the marriage ceremony.
Documents to be produced for non-citizen

(i)  Passport.

(ii) Birth certificates.

(iii) Divorce documents if applicable.

(iv) Death/marriage certificates if widow/widower.

(v) A certificate or certificates issued by the competent authorities or his/her country of residence attesting that he/she is of good character and is not the suspect in relation to any pending criminal proceedings, investigation or process. However, in case his/her country does not issue certificates of good character, the non-citizen can produce instead an affidavit certifying to the matters as specified above, sworn and duly authenticated in accordance with the law of his/her country of residence.

(vi) An affidavit sworn before the Master and Registrar of the Supreme Court of Mauritius, as well as a certificate from his/her country of residence, attesting that he/she is in gainful employment or, alternatively, has sufficient means to maintain himself/herself and

(vii) Medical certificate attesting that he/she is not suffering from any infections or contagious disease.

(viii) Both parties should disclose to each other whether they are HIV positive or have AIDS.

"In addition to above documents, the Registrar of Civil Status may request a French national to produce a "Certificat de capacité de marriage".

All documents to be submitted in original copies duly authenticated and photocopies. 

Documents to be produced for Mauritian citizen

(i)  Birth certificate issued within the last three months.

(ii) Divorce documents if applicable.

(iii) Certificate of citizenship if applicable

(iv) Death/Marriage certificate(s) if widow/widower

(v) National Identity Card